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COVID-19 requirements

With the season kick off just days away, it is essential that you are aware of the latest COVID-19 requirements:

  • all coaching staff and spectators (including dependents) must sanitise their hands and check in before entering Chittick Oval or the Kiama Showground using the QR code from Service NSW which will be displayed around the grounds

  • all players must come to the ground prepared for their games as the dressing rooms will NOT be available (unless for privacy reasons)

  • anyone with flu-like symptoms must stay at home

  • the number of spectators must not exceed 3,000 people or a maximum of 1 person per 2 square metres

  • all trainers and first aid officers who enter the field of play must NOT carry water bottles or administer water to players during play. Drink breaks will be scheduled at the halfway point of each half. These stopagges are to take place on the field where play was ceased, and coaches are NOT permitted to enter the field of play. These stoppages are for two minutes only.

  • each player must supply their own water bottle which is clearly marked with their name. Drinks can be administered after a try is scored but water bottles can't be shared between players

  • at the conclusion of games, teams should be encouraged to 'elbow bump' rather than shaking hands with opposition teams

  • the requirement for dummy half (DH) and first receiver (FR) vests to be rotated at half-time in matches is null and void for the 2021 season only. That is, the same players may wear the DH and FR vest for the whole match. Teams can rotate vests at half time but only if fresh laundered vests are used. NSWRL recommends all participants are given the opportunity to play in the DH and FR role at some point during the season

  • a COVID-19 Safety officer will be present to remind people to socially distance, check in etc.

The Club has developed its own COVID-19 Safety plan which is available here:

Download PDF • 131KB

Please also refer to:

  • NSWRL Community rugby league COVID-19 handbook modifications:

  • NRL on-field policy:

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